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Learn about the changes in standards for electronic healthcare transactions.
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How much do paper claims
cost your office?
According to industry experts, providers submitting claims electronically will experience cost savings by reducing postage, and other paper-related expenses.
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Customized, dedicated service level superior to traditional “in-house” billing, this solution takes the difficulty out of the billing process. Outsourcing these services eliminates the need for you to find qualified and skilled billing personnel, reducing overhead and response time.

Using our tools and staff reduces your IT expenses and maintenance headaches. We tailor our services to your needs. This dedicated solution has provided current clients 60-80% collection growth within the 1st year of partnership. Providing you with true transparency and reporting keeping you in the know of what is going on with your business. Instead of watching and managing staff, you now only need to watch and manage your earnings that MBS will help get to you faster and more efficiently. The best part, you only pay for performance!

MA Billing Solution, also known as Medi Bill Services Inc.,is privately owned and has been in business for over 20 years, offering a complete billing and management solution for hospital based and office based physician practices. Owned and operated by Pierre Maignan who has staffed his company with billing specialists with over 10 + years experience in the billing industry.

MA Billing Solution understands the importance of ensuring that their staff and their management team are constantly informed and educated on the ever changing information, rules and regulations within this industry, ensuring that their clients are receiving the most up to date guidance and support necessary to collect on their services.

Billing and Pre-Collection

Electronic Claims Submission (ECS)

Claim Scrubbing


Remittance Advice

Practice Management

Accounts Receivable Analysis

Human Resources Management

Financial Support & Bookkeeping Services

Special Projects


What Makes MBS Unique?

MBS will provide a free, structured assessment of your practice. A business relationship with MBS will reduce your office expenses by using our Practice Management software. MBS can work on special projects for you. We can use your Practice Management software or ours. We offer Accounts Receivable services helping you get paid faster. MBS helps streamline your office efficiency and in many cases reduces the need for additional staffing. We help you focus on the business of caring for your patients.

How does your billing service stack up and compare?
-We offer a fixed-cost billing program.

-Our fees are competitive and a deductible business expense.

-No HR headaches or benefits expense.
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