Our Accounts Receivable Benefits include:

A/R and collections are related to the business side of your practice after you have provided services; our goal is to get you paid for your services. Our expert employees know how to navigate the daunting claims resolution processes and we have the resources to effectively and efficiently tackle medical coding and billing related tasks.

Accounts Receivable and Collections
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A/R Benefits

  • You will save ~35% on average of your Operations cost
  • You will see an increase in your revenue on average 40% or more
  • We will be an extension of your office
  • We will share payers’ guidelines on denial trends to prevent reoccurrence
  • We offer staff training if denials are due to staff error
  • We offer provider training if denials are due to coding errors
  • Our goal is to grow your business
  • By analyzing your denial trend:
  • - We will reduce your Days In A/R (DIAR)

    - We will increase your payment time to 25 days if our recommendations are followed

    - We will reduce your corrected claims and appeals if our recommendations are followed

    - We will increase your cash flow within 90 days

    A/R Tips

  • Ideally, claims in 120 days past due should not be greater than 16%
  • When partnering with us for your A/R project, our initial goal is to reduce 90 & 120 days to less than 10-13%
  • Your overall days in A/R (DIAR) should not be more than 40 days

  • Questions? Please call us at 888.674.5430