Medi-Bill Services, Inc.
RTCA enables a provider to bill for service before the patient leaves the office and to receive a fully adjudicated response back - at the time of service. With this technology, a provider can print out the response, displaying total, and allowable charges, as well as the patient's responsibility (coinsurance, deductible, and copayment). Providers can be certain of the amount the patient should pay at the time of service.
What is Real Time Claims Adjudication (RTCA)?
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Committed to Appropriately Maximizing Your Practice's Income

MA Billing Solution ( MBS) is a team of savvy professionals who have harnessed a sophisticated medical computer
system to appropriately wring all the value from your production. We are not trying to take over the world! We prefer
to stick to what we know best and control the fine services we offer. We serve the New York- Connecticut -New
Jersey tri-state medical community. MBS is a multi-specialty medical billing service dedicated to reducing your
receivables. We work with you and your staff to insure regulatory and HIPAA compliance, improve your billing
operation, and relieve office personal of billing duties.

Our highly experienced staff has made it their mission to provide excellent, customized service while collecting the
payments to which you are legally and ethically entitled.

MBS makes this possible through the use of "state of the art" billing technology. We screen for the latest CCI and
carrier edits, building a rules engine to match new reimbursement developments on the fly!

We scrub your claims and pre-edit as the carrier does.

You will know what to correct before the carrier ever sees your claim. Electronic billing and claims process results in improved cash flow and a declining accounts receivable .

Complete Billing and Management Services

MA Billing Solution offers complete billing and management services for hospital -based, and office-based physician
practices. It is immediately apparent that one of our greatest strengths has always been the close relationship we
form with our practices . Our employees feel responsible for the financial success of their assigned practice. The
Billing Administrator will visit your practice to review the month-end results, payer issues, credentialing needs, etc.

At MA Billing Solution, our account executives have an average of 10 years in medical billing. Our knowledge, ability, and dedicated follow-up are why MBS has a higher collection rate than the industry average. Your practice will get a higher average return per processed claim and at a faster pace.

Questions? Please call us at 888.674.5430