As a Medical administrator there is nothing more comforting than managing every aspect of your business in house. However experience has taught me that one cannot be all things to all people all the time while being efficient. Medical billing requires individual personalized attention with great attention to detail, which is where Medi-bill exceeds our expectations to meet our billing needs. Having an organization that specializes in claims processing that is not only current on the constant and rapid changes in the healthcare industry but are also vigilant in applying these changes is essential to any medical facility. The outcome...since hiring Medi-bill to process our claims our revenues have increased almost 50%. Our claim approval rate for processing at our clearing house is in the 98th percentile.
Medi-bill is an asset to any organization interested in having their claims
processed, timely, efficiently and above all correctly to maximize cash-flow.

-Gerald Charles, Medical Administrator
Castle Hill Medical of New York, Inc.
Bronx, NY

We have used Medi-Bill for ten years, in that time I have had no reason to be anything but pleased with their services. Immediately after they took over my billing, collections increased. They are efficient, accurate, and quick. Many other billers charge higher fees and work less hard for Primary Care doctors because the charges are many and the individual sums are small compared to their specialists. In fact I had difficulty finding billers willing to accept Primary Care doctors, but Medi-Bill has always charged reasonable fees and delivered exemplary service. They take care of problems regardless of how small they are, and I am the clear beneficiary.

Communicating with the staff is easy. It is rare to have to leave a message, and when I do leave a message, it is returned quickly. I can always count on getting my problems addressed at the time that I call, and I never get passed around from person to person, or have to go through voice mail menu to find someone to help me. Service is personal, and even though I have never met all the staff, I know them well from telephone calls, and emails that have been exchanged over the years. Occasionally, I have asked them to help with special projects and they have been as cooperative as they have been with their billing activities.

I have sometimes been tempted to bring billing in house, but the truth is that I doubt that I would save much money on expenses, and it certain that I would lose money on collections. And since our working relationship is so easy, it doesn't feel much different that having a separate billing department anyway.

-Dr. Charles Berk
Brooklyn Heights Family Practice, PC
Brooklyn, NY

I have used Medi-Bill for 9 years since I started my private-academic Neurology
practice at NYU HJD. I can say I am very happy with their services.

They helped me from the very beginning understand the various subtleties of medical
billing. My practice is rather complex and I need to bill for many different activities
(consults, procedures and testing for inpatient and outpatient). They helped me
understand and use the various modifiers which make a major difference in collections.
They also taught me the specific requirements of various insurers. They are constantly
updating me on ever changing regulations of federal, state and private third party

It is very easy to communicate with the office. Everybody is knowledgeable and
personable. All my questions are answered promptly and feedback is received very
well. The office is very time efficient and trustworthy. They also upgrade fast to
advancing technology which shortens the time to reimbursement and eliminates

Their fees have always been reasonable. They also help me periodically with
reimbursement reviews for certain procedures to make sure things don't go unnoticed.
And they always send me reminders of needed authorizations or pre-certifications thus
decreasing significantly the amount of unpaid claims.

As I said, I am really very happy with their services and I feel that I have a friend in
them not just a business associate. They are definitely superior to any "in house biller" as
they accumulate experience and knowledge about various issues with multiple third
party payors by working with more than one practice. I would recommend their service
without any reservation.
-Cristina Drafta, MD
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
New York City, NY
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